Friday, March 02, 2007

Vogue 8332 - Slow going

I've made virutally no progress this week on my Vogue jacket. I'm to the point on the muslin where I need to press out miles and miles of bias binding, and I haven't much felt like tackling it. I think I have maybe 1/2 a yard done.

I did go to Joann's Monday after work to buy a bias tape maker. I tried it out Monday evening and I gotta say I didn't like it too well. The tape maker didn't seem to hold the fabric tight enough so I was having a good bit of trouble keeping the sides folded over. I even had the tip of the iron right up against the edge of the tape maker and it didn't really help.

I did find a tip on PatternReview that I want to try out this weekend. I sure hope it works out. I'll post my results :)

I've got to get a move on this project. I've been hankering to try my hand at making some things with knit fabrics, but I refuse to leave this project hanging out as a UFO.


debbie said...

I've used the PR tip to make bias tape and it does work pretty good!

B.E. Sanderson said...

Joanns! I miss Joanns. *sigh*