Monday, March 12, 2007

To Vogue 8332 or not to Vogue 8332...

I worked on my Vogue 8332 jacket more this weekend, and I'm beginning to have serious doubts about this project.

Where to begin with my woes?

I have a really pretty brocade (pic was in an earlier post) that I want to use for the reverse side of this jacket. That brocade IS the reason I picked this pattern out. I really liked the notion of matching up the brocade with the bias bound seams to get something beyond the ordinary.

However, my muslin is telling me that I should rethink my choices. The fabric that I'm using for the reverse side muslin is a fairly thin and slippery brocade. It ravels fairly easily, but most especially where the brocade pattern forms. This fabric caused some problems during the bias tape making effort. The brocade pattern areas stretched out badly in some cases, making the tape thinner than I need it to be.

Match the uneven bias tape up with my not-so-perfect sewing lines AND the fact that there is topstitching visable, and you have a mess in the making. I didn't realize, btw, that there was topstitching until I actually started on the reverse side of the muslin. That would be my inexperience showing. Someone with more experience would probably have taken one look at it and known that some stitching would be visible.

In the meantime, I've got some other projects screaming to be done in time to wear during the spring and summer.

So what is my plan?

I'm going to "sacrifice" some of my pretty brocade to some experimentation.

I'm going to make a few test strips to see how the brocade will handle when using it for bias tape.

If the "real" fabric works better than my muslin fabric, I'll keep moving forward. I think I can get around the topstitching concern by using clear thread. I don't really want the topstitching to show anyway as I think it would detract from the look of the jacket in this case.

If it's even close to as bad as my muslin fabric to work with though, I'm going to ditch this project and move on. As much as I don't like having a big stash, and as much as I don't really want to just give up, this fabric should not be wasted on something I can't do right.


In the meantime, I purchased this loverly fabric from EmmaOneSock. I've not worked with knit fabric yet. But I've heard it's not too difficult, and I've picked a very simple pattern to start with.

Should my jacket project go south, I'm hoping a nice knit blouse will give me an easy win. At this point, I think I may need one.

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