Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Experiments 1 & 2

Well, experiments 1 and 2 for Vogue 8332 are a no go. But I started on experiment #3 and it holds some promise.

Experiment #1: Make and use bias strips from the "real" fabric.

At first this seemed to be going well. The "real" fabric is more firm than the fabric I'm using for the muslin, so the tape making part of the exercise went fairly well. However, it is also thicker, and therefore bulkier. That snagged me up. I could not get the tape to fold properly over the seam. So at the very least, I'm ditching the idea of using the bias tape.

Experiment #2: Keeping the seam allowances to the outside and fraying them.

I've seen this work before, so I played with it a bit on one seam. But the look just wasn't right so I've abandoned that idea too.

Experiment #3 will be using a mock flat-felled seam. I've got it started and will hopefully be able to finish it up tomorrow evening.

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