Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Addendum to yesterday's post on Vogue 8332

Now that I've slept on my thoughts around discontinuing Vogue 8332, I've added some possible things to try that might make it better. Most notably, I want to investigate using other seam finishing methods, like the flat-felled or mock flat-felled, and see if those would be easier to work with than the bias binding.

I think I would be OK with either of those. I'm not wed to the use of the bias binding - only to the general look of having the seam finshing on the outside instead of the inside.

This is a completely crazy and possibly stupid thought, but what if instead of finishing the seams, I leave them unfinshed and fray them completely? It's worth trying as an experiment anyway. Heck, what are muslins for if we can't experiment on them! :)

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