Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sewcation Days 3 to 7

I can't believe I never went back and finished up my notes on my 2009 Sewcation. And here it is time to start planning this year's fun!

So, for my own sense of closure, here are days 3 through 7.

On day 3, I finished up Simplicity 7086. It turned out pretty well - I don't think the pictures really do it justice. I had to take it in almost immediately after making it because I had been losing weight and lost enough that it started really looking like a sack on me.

From Sewcation - March 2009

After finishing up Simplicity 7086, I went on to Simplicity 4076 - View D. I'd made this one before, but wanted to raise the neck line a bit and give it another go. I ended up raising it by 1 and 1/2 inches and made it up in a nice green and pink fabric I picked up from

This was my favorite out of the 3 that I completed during the week.

From Sewcation - March 2009

A couple days later, I finished up McCall's 4872 - View B done up in a knit from Crybabys Boutique. This was pretty much just a re-do of a basic t-shirt pattern I've used before.

From Sewcation - March 2009

I started in on a 4th shirt - Simplicity 3759 View B - which is a redo of the blue paisley blouse I had done before. I did eventually finish it up. But I wasn't happy at all with how it turned out, so I didn't even take final pictures.

OK. Now I can move on to planning for this year's Sewcation!

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