Monday, April 06, 2009

Sewcation - Day 2

I'm about as slow blogging about my sewcation as I am at actually sewing. It doesn't help that in order to use the computer, I have to kick someone off of it!

Did I mention I was slow? I spent most of day 2 on this page.
From Sewcation - March 2009

This is why I've been working on knits for soooo long. The knit shirts I've been working on have 3, maybe 4 pieces. This thing had 7 pieces - some of them twice (i.e. two fronts, two front facings, etc), plus 3 had to have interfacing as well. I'm also still getting the hang of collars since I've only done a few.

By the end of the day, I had gotten all the major pieces together and lacked the armhole facings, the hem, the button holes and the buttons.

If the garment looks unpressed it's because I was having brain farts with my iron. I can't remember why now, but I got it straightened out the next morning and re-pressed everything. After that, it didn't look quite so sloppy.

By the way, the camera doesn't do the fabric justice - which is common enough I guess. It's not nearly as PINK as all that. The little flowers are pink, but the background is almost a very pale lavender color.

Here's where the day ended...
From Sewcation - March 2009

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