Sunday, October 14, 2007

Simplicity 3775 - Muslin is complete

I actually finished something!!! YAY!!!

Well, sort of. I finally finished a muslin of Simplicity 3775. It came out pretty nice too. If I can find a nice slip for it, it may even become a wearable muslin.

Here are the particulars:
  • View B with C sleeves
  • started with size 18
  • increased arm width by 1 and 1/2"
  • increased waist by 3"
  • increased hip by 3"

The only hangup I had during the process was with the waist ties. They were way too long and hung down dreadfully. I ended up removing about 4" from each tie in order to get it to fit correctly. Weird. Whatever.

I mostly followed the directions. One of the changes I made was to add fusible knit not only to the shoulder seams, but around the back of the neckline as well. I would like to give credit for the idea - but I can't find the particular blog entry I found that in from the 70+ blogs I follow.

So to whomever I got that idea from, THANKS!!! :)

I also choose to sew the bodice and waist pieces together first, then sewed the the sleeves in flat, then attached the skirt in last. The instructions have you put the front and back bodice pieces together, then set in the sleeves. I like sewing sleeves in flat better, so I did it my way instead.

I've already started cutting out and marking the "real" thing.


Adrienne said...

Very cute!

Sharon said...

This is cute! You may have gotten the top to fuse the shoulder and neckline seam from Patterns, Fabric, and Thread - Oh My!

Janimé said...

Sharon thank you! That was exactly it!

And thanks to you both for the kind words :)