Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's go backpacking!

Am I ever going to get back to my regularly scheduled program? Am I ever going to get to finish talking about the projects and techniques I've learned so far? Sometimes it seems like I'm never going to get there. But SOOOO much has been happening since, oh, about Thanksgiving...

Right after Thanksgiving, I switched from the project I was working on (a jacket) to making Snuglets as gifts for Christmas. As soon as that was done, I started working on the list that my DH made for me.

A while back, he requested that I make some camping gear for the kids and us - some "camp" pants (fleece pants to shlump around camp in), some hiking pants, and fleece liners for our sleeping bags. And he wanted at least some of it in time for a weekend backpacking trip planned for this past weekend. Whew - what a tall order!

I did get a serger for Christmas, so I was able to complete some of the items on list. Yay me! But there was no way I could get all of it done.

I did finish two pairs of fleece pants, one each for my DD and DS. I used McCall's 4234 (view E) for those. The pattern was very straight forward and very easy to use. They took me a day each to finish, including tracing the patterns and making some size alterations. I definitely recommend this as a beginning pattern if you want a nice, easy pair of sweatpants-style pants for the young'uns.

I also made 4 fleece sleeping bag liners . DH and I thought that a plain liner with no zipper would work, but on trying it out we decided pretty quickly that a zipper would be required. I ordered zippers and got them about a week before the trip.

Then I got to go figure out how to insert one. It turned out not to be too difficult - although the finishing isn't particularly nice. But these aren't "fashion" liners - they are not really going to be seen by anyone.

I finished up the last two the night before the trip, with the help of my DMIL and her now working serger (that's another story). She sewed the zippers in with her regular sewing machine and I finished the rest of the liners with her serger.

As it turned out, I need not have tried so hard. We only took two liners, mine and DS'. DH figured it would be too warm for them, but DS' sleeping bag isn't rated for cold weather, and I HATE being cold. Well, he was right - it stayed fairly warm. My liner stayed in my backpack. DS used his liner, but on top of his sleeping bag, like an extra blanket. DS did use his fleece pants that night, but DD had a little accident with hers while trying to use the accomodations (a lovely spot behind some bushes and a tree). (It's no fair, guys have it so easy).

I still have lots on his list to get through, but my list is getting pretty long at this point too. I think I'll get back to work on that jacket ...

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