Saturday, January 05, 2008

Catching up again


Hope everyone had a good holiday season. I know I did. The downside is, I haven't blogged a bit in 2 months. I have been doing sewing related things though!

Here are some sewing-related highlights:
  • I finally got to wear Simplicity 3775. I wore it out to dinner with DH for our 20th anniversary. I have a picture somewhere - maybe I'll post it later.
  • I've finished 4 of the 12 shirts that I'm making for the family out of the PowerDry I recieved sometime back. I have some pictures of the work in progress.
  • I made 5 "2-minute" (more like 5 hour) shrugs. One for myself and 4 for family. I should probably do a separate post about those since I made a few interesting changes.
  • I purchased some yummy blue paisley fabric from GorgeousFabrics and a pattern to go with it.
  • I received 4 new sewing books from "Santa" for Christmas, and they are all really very nice.

And some non-sewing related highlights:

  • Had my 20th wedding anniversary. WOW!!!
  • Took a week off and really enjoyed the holidays with the family. It was hard going back in to work I can tell ya.
  • Made lots and lots of fudge from Ghirardelli chocolate as gifts for friends and family. And in three flavors; "regular", orange, and raspberry.
  • Made lots and lots of cookies (snicker doodles) for friends and family.
  • Ate lots and lots and lots of really good food and did no exercise. So guess how my new year will be starting! Tee hee.

Well, that's it for now. TTFN!!!

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