Saturday, May 19, 2007

Excellent Customer Service

I live in the boonies - the fabric boonies that is. My nearest source for fabric is WalMart. My 2nd nearest is a smallish Joann's, which is more than 20 miles away. There's really nothing else around for 100 miles or more. I know, I've looked.

As a result, I do much of my fabric shopping online. As my fellow online fabric shoppers are aware, it can be a tricky business at best.

So I want to recognize Ann at Gorgeous Fabrics for her excellent customer service. So rare these days, and so refreshing.

Her site has most of the standard online shopping conveniences to be sure. But sometimes, the real test of excellent and not just good customer service is when something doesn't go quite right.

I made my first purchase from there recently, and the fabric arrived in a timely fashion and in excellent condition, but was the wrong item. The email I sent reporting the problem was not only answered quickly, but also resolved the problem to more than my satisfaction.

No hassles, no questions, no inconveniences. Just a simple acknowledgement of the problem and a commitment to fix it - all with no action needed by me.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to get customer service like that. If every company and vendor out there matched Ann's standards, we would all be much happier customers and shoppers.

So thank you Ann. You can bet your bunnies you'll be getting more of my business.


Sharon said...

What a nice post. Although isn't it a bit of a sad commentary that excellent customer service is so rare we want to talk about it when we get it! Yea for Ann. I haven't ordered from her yet but I've been hearing really good things.

Janimé said...

I've used a number of online sites to purchase fabric which have good customer service. But I've not yet had the need to "test" them.

That said, yes it is a very sad commentary that excellent customer service is the exception and not the rule. I'm sure you can all relate to the frustrating conversations with the mortgage companies, the phone companies, the insurance companies, on and on and on.

They seem to have one thing in common - they put the burden on your shoulders to correct their mistakes.

So part of the reason why I wrote this post was that the best way to encourage excellent customer service is to vote with our dollars whenever we can.

julia said...

I've ordered from Ann and have been delighted. The fabric I'm sewing right now might be the best fabric I've ever sewn - it's a delight and so is she.

Embellishment: have you visited yet? If you're interested in crazy quilt-type embellishment, it's a great resource.

Janimé said...

Hi Julia,

Ann definitely has fabric to drool over :)

Thanks for the pointer to Sharon B's site. I had not been there yet.

I love all the blogs that the "crafty" people have started up. It's wonderful to know that there are so many people out there doing and creating and making.

Reading all those blogs is a dang site more fun than reading the news in the morning :)