Friday, November 10, 2006

The Adventure Begins - Part 2

When I bought my sewing machine, I also bought some fabric, thread, notions, and a few patterns. I had gone hunting on the web for patterns and knew already what I wanted to start with.

I started with these patterns:

By the time I bought my sewing machine, I had already purchased The Reader's Digest New Complete Guide to Sewing, and had started reading through it. I had also found a FANTASTIC source for information; a web site called The Guide to Sewing is a pretty good book for someone new to sewing. I have referred back to it a number of times along the way.

The website though is marvelous. The name may be PatternReview, but there's much more there than just pattern reviews. The site members review books, websites, notions, stores, sewing machines, sergers, etc. They also have a message board, a searchable knowledge base, a place to request reviews, a place to save patterns you have, a wishlist for patterns you want, etc. (Note that some of their services are provided for a fee. It's less than $30 a year. Access to something like 6 months or a year's worth of pattern reviews is free.)

Since I've found this website, I've visited it almost everyday. And I've posted reviews of some of my projects. Reading about what other people have tried has been a great source of information and inspiration. I get to see everything from the most advanced sewing, to a little 9-year-old's beginning efforts.

So anyway, with my materials and sources of info in hand, I went to work. And the first try was not so bad...

But more on that the next time.

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Steven Brockerman, MS said...

Ain't computers awesome? ;o)